Monthly Minutes

Gillett Sno & ATV Riders Meeting Minutes (1/10/2024)

Sandy Corners – Gillett, WI

Members present = 25

Club meeting minutes

  • Introduce new members/visitors – N/A
  • Secretary report – Lynn –  Motion by Rick, second Nick, approved
  • Treasurer report – Nick –  Motion by Kevin R, second Rick, approved 

Trail report –  Keith/Thomas

  • Thomas is out panning today.  Krakow also panned today.
  • Next Tuesday is the 7 counties meeting where all the clubs from the surrounding areas get together to discuss items.  If anyone wants to go, get a hold of Keith. 
  • Email from Dan Buell regarding the fence.  If there are any issues he is going to close the trail through his property.   Perry will talk to him.  
  • Oconto County alliance report
    • N/A
  • Events coordinator update –
    • Winter Poker Run – Scheduled for Feb 3rd, will end at Old Still in Gillett.
      • Marie will help make calls to the sponsors to ensure they are able to accommodate.  
    • Landowners Meeting – March 24th at Romy’s Holiday Inn.
      • Invites will be done for the February meeting.  Any volunteers that would like to help stuff envelopes can come early to the Feb meeting.  
    • Bean Bag Tournament –
      • Plan for April 6th, will discuss details at the February meeting.  Need ideas on how to raise money for the event.  
    • Should we do something in September?  Will discuss at a future meeting.  
  • Old business
    • Rick will be at the building Saturday to troubleshoot the tractor.  Perry will be meeting them at the clubhouse to put the computer on the tractor to troubleshoot.  They will be there at 9am if anyone wants to show up 
    • Reminder, seven town meeting town of Riverview fire department January 16 if anyone would like to go with Keith. 
  • New Business
    • Perry reached out the county and without snow there is really nothing going on.  
    • The map’s sponsor sheet has been sent out.  
    • Krakow High Noon Riders were told to submit their requests to concrete bridges by April to get any grant money.  Keith will talk to Monty to find out since he hasn’t heard anything further about the railroad bridge.  This is the year the grant gets requested to redo the railroad trestle.  
  • Adjourn –  Motion by Keith, Second by Duane G, approved
  • Next meeting – February 14th – The Social – Gillett, WI