Monthly Minutes

Gillett Sno & ATV Riders Meeting Minutes (3/9/2022)

Wildfire – Gillett, WI

Members present = 24

Club meeting minutes

  • Introduce new members/visitors –  N/A
  • Secretary report – Lynn   – motion by Blane P, second Kevin H – approved as read
  • Treasurer report – Ali    motion by Tom G, second Nick C – approved as read
  • Trail report –  Keith/Aaron  
    • Closed grade last week, will be picking up signs soon. A post will be put on Facebook for anyone that would like  to assist.
    • Dan Buell (campground owner) shared that we will need to move the trail a little bit to the south to get closer to the tree line.  
  • County alliance report – Jon/Aaron
    •  Not a whole lot going on right now.  New snowmobile maps will be next out in fall and are a three year deal.  Will be getting more laminated maps.  Reminder on numbering of trails.
    • Our club is sponsoring the groomers banquet at Club 32 on April 10th.  
    • Donation has been updated to $1000 from Oconto County alliance for dinner. 
  • Events coordinator update – Melinda 
    • New committee member Heather Bulger, Julie has stepped down.
    • Poker Run – (February 5th)  
    • Landowner’s Banquet (March 27) at Romi’s 
      • Invites sent if you didn’t receive it contact Melinda
    • Bean bag tourney at the clubhouse (April 9) 
      • Setup on Friday at 6 – If you would like to volunteer to help with set-up, show up at the Clubhouse.   
  • Let Me be Frank (April 30th) – 
    • Ads should be starting the beginning of April
  • Paulie & Perry’s Patriot Ride (June 4th) 
    • Eric Peterson from Fox 11 will be there all day.  
    • Will need to discuss parking
    • Reach out to C&L for parking
  • Open house (August 28)
    • Gun raffle tickets have been distributed
  •  Old Business.
    • Update on Duane Gillberson bench – Dennis/Paulie 
      • Perry talked to Paulie and he has started work on the bench, which will  go by the flag at the clubhouse.  
      • Need a new flag, Kevin H will get a new flag donated.  
    •  Gun raffle update (guns)
      • Perry handed out the list of guns and crossbows.  Tom Schall did give the club a really good deal.  Three will be kept out to display one is already on display at Sandy Corners.  The two others will be at Remi’s and School House.  
    • Club 32 meeting we talked about giving back to the groomers.  Handed checks out to the groomers for their time.  Aaron Smith, Devin Kohls, Nick Clemmens, Keith Meyer, and Thomas Nautke
  • New Business
    • Sponsor a hole for the Patriot Golf scramble on 5/21 to support veterans suicide ($100 for the hole/$10 for the sign with our logo) 
      • Shane motioned, Tom second motioned carried to sponsor a whole
    • Club received an email from Jesse Long, his brother Jason (club member) has cancer and they are asking if the club would donate a basket.  Ali will work on a basket.  Anyone that wants to donate a basket should be brought to the next meeting.  Melinda motion/Kevin H second to make a donation basket. Motion approved.  
    • Does the club want to get a DJ for the June 4 Patriots ride?
      • Dean Gueller will donate the DJ 
    • This Saturday ATV/UTV ride leaving Sandy Corners at 11 AM!
  • Any other business/ideas:
    • Tractor fund is with Rick Micheals.  He was not at the meeting but a separate account has been set up for this .  
    • Should look into a monthly or yearly payment versus paying cash.
    • Groomer tracks – Aaron getting the parts to have replacements in the event a tract breaks.  Will follow up in fall.  
  • Adjourn – Motioned by Kevin H, Duane Gilbertson – motion approved.
  • Next meeting is April 13 at Remi’s in Cecil  
Actionable ItemsResponsible Party/Parties – ADD UPDATE# COLUMN
Dennis Gilbertson Memorial BenchDuane Gilbertson & Chad HansenDuane has a picture of Dennis to give to Paulie for the bench.  
Repair bridge and rails Move to spring – Keith Meyer
Groomer tracks Thomas Nauke/Aaron Smith
Tractor FundRick and Ali