Monthly Minutes

Gillett Sno & ATV Riders Meeting Minutes (2/8/20232)

Thompson’s Club 32 – Gillett, WI

Members present = 26

Club meeting minutes

Club agenda: 

  • Introduce new members/visitors –  Randy Demro
  • Secretary report – Lynn –  Motion by Nick, second Blaine, approved
  • Treasurer report – Ali –  Motion by Melinda, second Justin, approved
  • Trail report –  Keith/Aaron
    • Aaron is calling the county tomorrow 2/9 to shut down the trail.  
    • Will need to check the tank soon. 
    • County/Club meeting with Monte is Monday March 13th at the town of Riverview.  We should have a few club members to attend since they will be discussing grants.  Need to discuss the bridge, behind the fire station and behind the flower shop.  
    • Highway committee meeting is tomorrow so we should find out about the request to open three additional roads.  

  • Alliance Report – Aaron/Jon
    • Perry has the minutes if you’d like to look at them.  
    • Groomers Appreciation Dinner will be Sunday, April 2nd at River Island Golf Course in Oconto Falls and hosted by the Sno Jokers.  Need to get a count to Dan at the Alliance next meeting.
  • Events coordinator update – Melinda
    • Poker run – February 11th at Remi’s in Cecil
      • Stops are Blue Spruce, Wildfire, Bullpen, Sandy Corners, Spirits, Remi’s 
    • Landowners Banquet – March 26th at Romy’s
      • Invitations are done and being mailed tomorrow
    • Let Me Be Frank – May 6th at Romy’s
      • Tickets and posters are available looking for volunteers to help deliver
      • Tickets will be at Pat’s, Romy’s, Super Ron’s, The Olive Pit, and Piggly WIggly in Oconto Falls.  Will start advertising on the radio in April
    • Bean Bag Tournament – April 1st at the Clubhouse
      • Nick and Jon will be handling the tourney
    • Paulie & Perry Patriot Ride – June 3rd
      • Perry and Paulie will be meeting to discuss details and get back to the club.
    • Open House – August 26th
      • Need to start planning and decide on the gun raffle.
  • Old business
    • Keith talked to the hwy commission today about the application to open roads
    • Touched base during the trail report.
    • Presidents Run went well and had around 30 people. 
  • New Business
    • The Oconto Falls Sno Jokers will be hosting this year’s Groomer Appreciation Party,  which will be held Sunday, April 2, 2023 at River Island Golf Course, 100 River Island Dr in Oconto Falls. Gathering/cocktails at 11:00, chicken and tips served at noon.
      • Discussed during the Alliance Report
    • A friend of Thomas Nautke reached out to Perry to have the club to host a picnic after their ride.  We cannot support this year due to everything on the calendar.  
    • School is starting to work on the kiosk next week.  When it’s done they will need help from us to pick up and setup.  
  • Any other business/ideas:
    • N/A
  • Adjourn – Motion by Chet, second by Kevin H, approved.
  • Next meeting – March 8th at Bullpen in Pulcifer