Monthly Minutes

Gillett Sno & ATV Riders Meeting Minutes (10/13/2021)

Gillett Sno & ATV Riders Clubhouse, Gillett, WI

Members present = 41

Club meeting minutes

  • Call meeting to order
  • Introduce new members/visitors – Dan Buell, campground owner, joined tonight. Roxy Majeweski (sponsor) in attendance.  
  • Lynn-Secretary report – approved as read, motion by Chet, 2nd by Nick
  • Jenny-Treasurer report – approved as read, motion by Kevin, 2nd by Blaine
  • Aaron-Trail report – 
    • GPS came in this week. There is one GPS per unit and it knows if you are on a funded trail, it doesn’t know which club system.
    • Perry will be getting a lull and a man basket from work.  Can be used on the weekend, just need to fill it up with fuel.  Not sure when we will have it yet.  
    • Will be scheduling a work day for Oct 30 and move to November 6th if equipment isn’t available.  Looking for a cutter and a couple grabbers to throw brush off of the grade.  Will send out more information either on Facebook or email when the date is finalized for the work day.  
    • Alliance meeting coming up Nov 3rd at Waters Edge, Perry will make sure Aaron and Keith are on the email.
    • Getting all new ATV maps for next year.  The map committee has asked Perry to take care of the southern half of Oconto County.  Every township Gillett south is open but they want to map out preferred routes to get people to the trail. Trail mapped to Ken’s sports and working on route to Primal Eats.   
    • Jerry from Pulcifer Snowmobile club was at the meeting and discussed a few items pertaining to grooming Pulcifer Trails.  Perry talked to Monti on who is going to pay for the 5.2 miles of grooming.  Jerry has been corresponding with DNR and Shawano Cty.  
  • County update – Nothing at this time with the exception of what Perry has been working on with Monti.
  • Alliance update – Nothing at this time

Old business  

  • Debit card/credit card AWSC payment/bills
    • 5 years ago, Cindy from Bank wouldn’t issue one due to being a non profit.  We will be checking with AWSC and other clubs to see how they are doing this.  Will table for now and continue to look into.
  • Reminder ATV trails close November 7 at 11:59 PM 
    • All trails close, some townships may close their roads but not aware of any
  • Events coordinator-Melinda Peterson has stepped up to take on this position.  Thank you Melinda!!
    • Let Me be Frank tentative date scheduled for April 30 at Romy’s in Kelly Lake.  Dinner $17 – $18 and tickets $50 per person.  Cost of tickets is $73 for 200 and posters will be $22.  Proposal to change price of ticket from $45 to $50.  Motion by Shane, 2nd by Paulie – approved.
    • Perry and Julie will be committee members and they will look for volunteers for the day of the events.  
  • Keith to get club more information for cost of a well 
    • Will follow up at next meeting
  • Vets for Vets ride October 16
    • Reminder of the ride out of Roxy and Rosie’s, sponsored by Perry and Paulie and Ken’s Sports

New business 

  • Poker Run
    • Club agreed with Feb 5th, 2022 as the date.  Event Committee to work through details
  • Club work day/brushing NST with Lull and a man basket need volunteers
    •  Discussed above
  • Cold storage building idea
    • Club is looking to add additional storage to get all equipment inside at the clubhouse.  
    • Originally looked at a shipping container, idea was discarded for multiple reasons
    • John is working on getting us some prices on other options  
    • Idea proposed to do an addition of a lean-to type option off the side of the clubhouse with a service door and lights.  
  • Elections-
    • Shane Vice President – willing to hold the position.  No other nominations – closed Shane remains Vice President
    • Jenny Treasurer – Stepping down, Jenny nominated Ali – accepted – no other nominations – closed Ali new Treasurer
    • Ali board member – Devon Kohls nominated – Devon accepted – no other nominations – closed Devon nominated as new board member
    • Kevin board member – willing to hold position – no other nominations – closed  Kevin accepted and remains a board member       

Any other business/ideas 

  • Primal Eats wanted to pay for two large sponsors on the map but there was no room, so they paid for two squares.  They also want to be a club sponsor, working on the paperwork.
  • New family membership – Diane and Drew McDonald she is the director of Old Glory Honor flight.  
  • Need to think about getting extra tracks for the groomer in the event one would blowout.  Aaron talked to a company out west that makes tracks, asked for price but didn’t hear anything back. Aaron does have a quote for a roll of belting.  Will bring discussion back next month.

Adjourn meeting  Melinda/Ali 

Next meeting:  Wildfire – November 10th at 7:00 pm