Monthly Minutes

Gillett Sno & ATV Riders Meeting Minutes (11/10/2021)

Wildfire Trails – Gillett, WI

Members present = 24

Club meeting minutes

  • Introduce new members/visitors – None in attendance
  • Secretary report – Lynn – Approved as read – Motion by Rick, 2nd by Keith
  • Treasurer report – Ali – Approved as read – Motion by Devon, 2nd by Rick 
  • Trail report Keith/Aaron – 
    • Keith – trails are closed going out for the final groom next week to get ready for snowmobiles.  Some bridge repairs are needed but may wait until next year.  Groomer needs work but is still in working order. Waiting on price for parts which could be paid for with the trail maintenance check.  Red Arrow has a nice set up but a new one is around 20k.  Ours still works so will look into the cost of fixing v versus buying.  Next year talking about raising the ATV grooming rate to $1000.00 per mile.  The calendar year for funding goes from July 1 to June 31n and depending on when trails open we can burn up a lot of budget. 
    • Aaron – Tom Klott – 2nd land owner down B, wants us to move over and it doesn’t look too bad but needs cutting.  Can do it the signing weekend and follow up into Sunday.  Talked about digging stumps from the trail last year, we can rent a stump grinder to take care of these and get them low enough that the groomer doesn’t get hooked on them.  $300 per day or $600 per week for the grinder.  Will have a pre-meeting Dec 3rd at 7 pm, Clubhouse and will meet Dec 4 for signing day at 7:00 am.  An event will be added on Facebook.  
    • Talked to landowners about getting a snowmobile trail to Primal Eats but someone is building a house and the other side of Nueske road in Shawano County.  Might need further discussion.
  • County alliance report:
    • Kurt Butler and his wife stepped down from their positions with the AWSC.  Deb Uhlenbrauck from the Chute Pond snowmobile club is the new director and Gary Wagner from Red Arrow Is now the AWSC representative, next meeting will be at the Blue Spruce in December.
    • Lots of talk about signage, want newly marked blazers at the cross roads so riders know where they are. This new signage system needs to be ready to go for the 2022 and 23 snowmobile season. Our signs were ordered and should be here by the end of the month. 
    • ATV/Snowmobile bridge at Langlade, there was money but now the state is going to pay for it.  They will be creating an adjacent lane, but pushed out a few years.  
    • We should look into getting BB opened south of Gillett to get to Shawano County Line before work starts on the railroad bridge.  Will add to New Business for next meeting  
    • Club had received a complaint the city received regarding vandalism on the railroad bridge.  Ali emailed the city that they need to reach out to the county since this is not the club’s responsibility.    
  • Events coordinator update:
    • Let Me be Frank update – Will be April 30 at Romys and tickets are on sale,  $50 per person, dinner and show.  If you are interested in tickets you can reach out to Melinda and get your name on the list.   Come in costume to be entered for a prize. 
    • Poker run update – February 5th ending at Randy’s Place in Suring (old bowling alley). Shortened stops to 5, Triples is going to DJ. 
    • New ideas for the club donating – Ali 
      • Talked about making a donation to Gillett Nurses Nook which provides meals/snacks on weekends, FInnegan Lake Kids fishing day, Veterans breakfast at Spirits, and Adopt a Family.  Looking to get the clubs name out there.  
      • We already do a scholarship and Christmas in the Park.
  •  Old Business:
    • Keith to get club more information for cost of a well
      • Estimate: 100 – 200 ft  well would cost anywhere from 8 – 12K, some of the cost would be donated.  Need to discuss when it should be done, winter would be better.  
    • Dennis Gilbertson memorial bench, received a few ideas and cost from Paulie 
      • Sheet passed around on designs.  Duane will work with Paulie on the final design.     
    • Christmas in the park decoration
      • Donate $100, this year we will be decorating an area since we are paying for it anyway.  If anyone wants to help, please volunteer.  As soon as we get a day, most likely next week.  Will cut a tree and Brad R will get a stencil of a snowmobile which will be painted and include lights.   
    • Discussed doing a building versus tractor
      • Currently we borrow a tractor from Curt Kohls for summer grooming, but will need a building to store items that cannot fit in our existing building.  
      • Poll of members in attendance with a vote of 18 to 3 for a tractor.
  • New Business:
    • June 4th 2022 11th annual Paulie & Perry Patriots ride discussion
      • Club sponsoring the ride – all agreed
      • Club would take care of donation breakfast, drinks, and food
      • Ride would leave and end at the clubhouse, might need another tent 
      • Will discuss additional details in future meetings
    • Discussion about joining the club through a PayPal account linked to our website
      • Club is good with the option so we will look into it further
      • Credit card was approved and it has been received.  Only Perry will have the card.  
    • Emails are going to be sent going forward for meeting reminders, along with reminders on Facebook.  
    • Questions on using railroad grade now that the trails are closed.  Is there a way they can be used until first snow (Gillett to Shawano County Line Rd).  If BB would open this becomes a non issue.  Need to contact Monti Brink to work on this.   Keith will contact him.    
  • Any other business/ideas
    • Presidents run was moved to the last Friday in January, the 28th
    • SNARS – apparently they are only going to allow 2 people so Jerry and Aaron will take care of the Pulcifer club.  
    • Lynn thanked the club for the donation to the Dean Gueller Memorial, which raised around 30k.  
  • Adjourned – motion by Devin, 2nd by Keith. 
  • Next meeting 7:00 pm December 8th at Roxy & Rosie’s Railway, Green Valley, WI
Actionable ItemsResponsible Party/Parties
Dennis Gilbertson Memorial BenchDuane Gilbertson & Chad Hansen
Clubhouse garage door
Repair bridge and rails