Monthly Minutes

Gillett Sno & ATV Riders Meeting Minutes (6/8/2022)

Legends Trailside – Suring, WI

Members present = 24

Club meeting minutes

Club agenda:

  • Introduce new members/visitors –   N/A
  • Secretary report – Lynn   –   Motion by John, 2nd by Rick – Approved
  • Treasurer report – Ali –  Motion by Rick, 2nd by Nick – Approved
  • Trail report –  Keith/Aaron
    • Keith and Aaron not present
    • County H looks nice, they raised it up, put in culverts and blacktopped it
    • Bridge rail repair.  Need to get some 2x4s to patch up the rails.  Perry will talk with Keith to get something planned, it shouldn’t take too many volunteers.
    • Speice Lake also needs some repairs
    • Tractor from Fran Runowski worked fine but the cogs that drive the track system on the Ultimate need to be replaced.  Aaron was going to take one to see where they can be made.  
  • Events coordinator update – Melinda 
    • Paulie & Perry’s Patriot Ride (June 4th) 
      • Went very well and had a nice turnout.  
      • $416 was raided from the donation breakfast
      • Will need to wait until after the open house to determine what the final profit was from food and drinks since there was a bunch left that will be used for the August event.  
  • Open house (August 27)
    • Contact Melinda or Ali if you would like to donate a basket
    • There is food left from the Patriots ride which will be used for the Open House
    • Supplies were also bought for the ride which will carry over for other events
    • If anyone knows of businesses that will donate for the raffle please work on obtaining them.  The entire club should work on getting donations for the event.  
    • Will be dividing up the poker run stops between Melinda, Ali, and Lynn to start making phone calls to ensure they are ok being a stop this year.  
    • Call Ali if you would like more gun raffle tickets to sell
  •  Old Business.
    • Dennis Gilbertson Bench update – no update
    • Freezer for Clubhouse
      • Purchased but had some freight damage.  Menards gave an in store credit and rebate provided and they gave Ali the sale price on top of that.  
      • Need something to seal the picnic tables.  Need someone to go shopping, can use the Menards in store credit.   John E will pick up what is needed.  
    • PayPal / Memberships – Lynn
      • PayPal is set up. 
      • Memberships are due at the beginning of July.  An email will be sent to those who have email addresses, for those that don’t letters will be sent.  
    • Bridgework day? – talked about during trail report
  • New Business
    • Club fundraiser cookout to utilize pavilion
      • Looking for ideas on dates or ideas
    • Patriots ride donation to Old Glory Honor Flight Sunday, July 17 at 11:30 At the Clubhouse? Food and beer put on by Perry and Pauly in appreciation for all of the volunteers’ hard work making this year‘s Patriots ride a success!  Might even have a little bean bag tournament.
      • Would the club like to host again next year with a choice of locations.  Perry spoke with Joe Arndt and when using the park you have to rent everything including the bathrooms.  

John motion, 2nd  by Kevin that the club hosts the 2023 12th annual Patriots ride.

  • NST at County H looks to be completed, culverts and gravel added and County H was raised. – Discussed during the trail report.  
  • Leida at Arrowhead asking the club for donation/Basket for Dusty Trails poker run on June 25th.
    • Club is ok with donating a $50 bar tab along with some club shirts, coozies, etc.  Motion by Melinda, 2nd by Nick.  
  • Perry was called to the bowling alley in Suring to discuss the town of Maple Valley opening.  Was supposed to talk to a board member (Mike Beyers) but he didn’t show up.  The town is bucking the idea of opening Peshtigo Brook Rd.  If it’s passed Mike wants our club to sign all the town roads.  The club doesn’t want to take this since we don’t sign county roads, typically in the municipality.  Shane is going to try and make the town meeting on June 9th to find out more.  
  • Any other business/ideas:
    •   N/A
  • Adjourn –  motion by Jon, 2nd by Brad – Approved
  • Next meeting – July 13th at Arrowhead in Breed 
Actionable itemsOwner
Dennis Gilbertson Memorial BenchDuane Gilbertson & Chad Hansen
Repair bridge and railsMove to spring – Keith Meyer
Groomer tracksThomas Nauke/Aaron Smith